ENFPs in a Phrase: Loners in Public


ENFPs walking around in public may spot someone alone, and in a remote corner, and they immediately think, “Oh no, I bet they’re having a horrible day, and no one understands them, and all they need is a hug and a friend! I better go love them!”
Meanwhile the INTJ in the corner is suddenly alarmed by an approaching psychopath who is threatening to ruin their perfectly nice, people-free corner.



Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - dir. Doug Liman

Edge of Tomorrow is exactly as advertised - it’s refreshingly original, stars Tom Cruise, and is a big Americanized mecca-war story with very little to do with science fiction and more to do with action and romance. Liman’s filmmaking is in top form for the majority of the film, in fact, the first half was pretty darn incredible. There wasn’t much of a lag in the end of the second act, but there was enough of one to pull you from the story. Luckily, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are more than capable of pulling you back in to lead you to an exciting climax with a semi-predictable-but-oh-shit-that’s-kinda-cool ending. 

Essentially: yes. This is a good film. While it’s not as original as advertised (based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s manga) it does have as much Tom Cruise as you can handle. And you’ve got to admit that he’s not only still got it., but there may never be a summer without Tom Cruise. I’m not saying that it will blow you away, but imagine if the sequels to the Matrix were actually well thought out and entertaining… because that’s what you get here. Some machine vs. pseudo-alien fighting, a whole lotta Cruise, and just enough originality to surpass the common droll of blockbusters.